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5 Free Mobile/Web Apps That Will Help You Crush It

After working in the professional business world in a sales capacity for over 6 years, I have learned that it's important to leverage the technology that is out there to become as efficient as possible. With only so many hours in the day, it can be very difficult to manage your work and personal life, and not feel like your head is going to explode. In this post, I want to share with you the top 5 apps that I use every day that helps me in my current role and help me reach success.


1. Evernote: As someone who does a ton of networking at various industry-specific conferences, after work mixers, high-end lunches and dinners, I collect a good deal of business cards. Early in my career, I found myself manually typing the contact information from each business card into my CRM, losing business cards, fat fingering data inputs, and wasting a significant amount of time. With Evernote, you can literally snap a pic of each business card with your phone, then the software will pull all the data off the card and add them to a viewable electronic folder structure. Evernote also allows you to search for information via keyword. In fact, you can even save and organize receipts, notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online. I highly recommend this app if you want to reduce the paper in your life and get more organized. The app is also free and can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play. However, I do pay a monthly fee of $6.99 which allows me to have an unlimited amount of data storage on the app which is critical in my day to day activities.

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2. Buffer: I love this app because it allows you to easily schedule articles, posts and digital content to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for up to 6 months – 12 months out. I’ve also learned that with each social media channel, there are ideal times where your followers are more active and will be more likely to view your post.  Typically, I will spend about an hour or so at the beginning of each week tracking down insightful articles, white papers, reports etc. and scheduling them for the rest of the month at various times. The app also offers analytics to see which posts get higher click-rates, views, and shares (however there is now a cost associated with the analytics component). Whether you scheduling content for your business or just your personal profiles, this is a great tool to turn you and your company into an expert in your field!

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3. Feedly: I am a huge reader and have several online publications that I follow religiously, especially as it relates to the industries I serve. However, I found myself spending a significant amount of time going from website to website trying to find articles that interest me as well as my followers. With Feedly (an awesome news aggregator app), I can compile news feeds from a variety of online sources and help me save time. Essentially, all you have to do is just enter which news outlet you want to follow, and Feedly will create a stream of all articles related to that site in the order it was published. This app is available on iOS, Android and can run on your computer’s web browser. The app is free too!


4. Trello: Back when I started my first job in 2012 for a growing software company, I found myself with an endless amount of work assigned to me and tasks that needed to complete, but I had no great way of managing all of them. Additionally, I would even forget certain tasks that my boss assigned to me, miss deadlines, and become very frustrated. In fact, I saw myself writing various tasks on a notebook piece of paper or journal to help keep track of my To-Do’s each day. Trello is an awesome free tool which allows you to manage your tasks whether it’s a specific project you are working on for a client, your boss or even putting together a grocery list. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Also, Trello allows you to set up checklists for specific tasks and assign deadlines to them. I highly recommend Trello if you always seem to be moving at 100 mph and want to still be effective and productive.


5. Grammarly: Let's face it, we have all sent an email, proposal, RFP Response or LinkedIn Message to a client, boss or colleague and have immediately regretted it after finding a grammar or spelling error. It's mistakes like those that can either cost you the business, make you look incompetent in the eyes of your employer and just fluster you greatly. Grammarly is a free writing app that makes sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and effective. It is cloud-based and can integrate with almost any web browser, email and Microsoft Office. I started using a couple years ago and found that my writing and correspondents had significantly improved. To add, you can also pay the $11.99 a month and have the software assist you with sentence structure, and more detailed errors the free version may not pick up on.

I hope that this information helps you in your career as well as in your life and that you become successful in whatever it is you are focusing your efforts on. Please feel free to share your experience with these apps or provide alternative apps if you find them valuable in the comments section. Good luck in the rest of 2018 and SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Samer Bawab